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Squeaky Clean Brushes


There’s nothing more frustrating than suffering with acne and not knowing what the cause is. Lately, I can’t seem to figure out what is causing my face to flare up, uncontrollably. I take really good care of my skin but washing my makeup brushes is probably the ONLY thing about makeup and skincare I absolutely abhor. With my skin being at its worst, I’ve gotten into the routine of washing my brushes every 2 days–whether I use my brushes or not. If you do not clean your makeup brushes regularly, they can be homes to germs, odor and bacteria. With that being said, cleaning your brushes on the regular will also help your complexion and hygienic level.

I used to wash my brushes with a Japonesque antibacterial brush cleaner from Ulta once every two weeks but realized I was spending way too much money on a brush cleaner that didn’t quite do the job. So I found a method that was easy, quick and left my brushes squeaky clean. Be prepared to change the way you clean your brushes-say bye bye to pruney, soggy hands and hello to crispy clean brushes!

This brush cleaner that I use takes out ALL the dirt, oil and make-up residue that sits in your brush over a period time. All you need are two ingredients that you can probably find laying around the house: antibacterial dishwashing soap and olive oil. Mix these two ingredients together and swirl your brushes in a plate or a brush glove and you will see all the makeup melt away. The antibacterial soap kills away germs while shampooing and the olive oil conditions the bristles. You want to take the best care of your brushes as possible especially since they are SO expensive!

Run your brushes under COLD water and set them upside down to dry. You want to make sure you use cold water when cleaning your brushes because warm water loosens the glue at the base of the brush. This is also why you want to dry your brushes facing downward to dry so water doesn’t get trapped in them, causing the glue to loosen up and be ineffective.

Another tool that is optional, but is my holy grail product is a brush cleaning mitt. Now, Sigma came out with a brush cleaning mitt that I ALMOST bought because I hate having soggy hands but I found one of the best dupes at Wal-mart. I came across a teal blue,textured, silicone oven mitt that resembled the $40 Sigma mitts so I decided to give it a go. This mitt is AMAZING you all! I squirt some soap and oil onto it, swirl my brushes around the textured surface and my brushes look like new! Another great thing about this mitt is that it’s only $4-$5! Next time you’re at walmart, pick this oven mitt up and you’ll thank me later!

cleaning mitt
Hope you have a fabulous day!

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