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Summer Skin and Beauty Essentials


Hey ladies! I decided to take a much needed vacation for about three weeks so here I am blogging from Palm Coast, Florida! I’m currently sitting on the balcony which overlooks the pier. I love how peaceful and calm the water is with a little speed boat, canoeing or jet ski action happening from time to time. Being here is so refreshing and exactly what I needed in my life!

Being a makeup junky, I have a suitcase full of makeup that I haul everywhere that I travel.  But, as you all know from my recent posts, my skin has been acting up so I didn’t want to pack unnecessary products that I wouldn’t end up using. Packing light is key (and ensures that you can go shopping while on vacation as well)! I needed my skin to breathe but getting dolled up is also a must while on a getaway which is why I wanted to talk about these 9 fabulous products that were lucky enough to make their way to Palm Coast with me. I brought solely these items for a natural, everyday dewy finish–no one wants to be a cake face while laying on the beach soaking up the sun!

beauty essentials

1. Philosophy Purity Made Simple Facial Cleanser- In a short amount of time, this facial cleanser has become one of my holy grail products. I was skeptical spending $35 on a 16 oz face wash but I will never go back to a drug store cleanser again. This is the only face wash that makes my skin feel squeaky clean without leaving it tight and dry. It melts your makeup (including waterproof mascara) right before your eyes but is so gentle on the skin! Definitely worth the splurge and the fresh scent is most definitely a plus!

2. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion- This Tea Tree lotion from The Body Shop is a hidden gem. I grabbed it last minute while packing because of its small packaging, who wants to travel with a giant tub of moisturizer!? This “lotion” isn’t quite lotion consistency-it’s very light and resembles a gel like moisturizer with a strong tea tree oil scent to it. After a couple of days of application morning and evening, my blemishes disappeared! I’m wearing light makeup in the picture above and usually you can visibly see acne or discoloration through my makeup…NOPE, not in the picture above! My blemishes are practically all gone and I have a feeling it has something to do with this tiny green tube! I am one happy girl! I bought a Groupon for these lotions but they retail in store and online for $13.50.

3. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen- I’m not very particular about what screen screen I use, I just make sure I use it everyday. From summer to winter, this is a staple in my skin care routine and it should be in yours too! Wearing sunscreen helps protect your skin from sun damage, whether the sun is out or not. It’s so crucial for you to protect your skin with sunscreen because harmful UV rays speed up the aging process, create dark spots, hyper pigmentation, and makes acne/blemishes more visible. Bottom line-WEAR A SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY. I have dry to combination skin so wearing this thick cream doesn’t clog my pores. Notice how my skin is glowing in the picture above, well it’s grease from the sunscreen, LOVE IT. There are so many different types of sunscreens you can buy ranging from powders to sprays to whatever suits your skin type. Get on it.

4. Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser- This pore eraser is a Smashbox Primer dupe. I’m a sucker for cute packaging but when I tried this primer, it’s so comparable to high end primers and I couldn’t stop purchasing it. This is my second tube
and it really does make the appearance of pores smaller by a “blurring effect” immediately. Hard to explain but definitely a must in my make-up routine!

5. Camera Ready BB Cream- Don’t be that chick that has foundation, concealer, harsh contour, blush and highlight while on the beach. It’s not cute, it’s not natural. I enjoy playing with make-up and going all out, but when it comes to summer time, the trending look is dewy and natural so let’s stick with that. This BB cream is so light but heavy enough to cover problematic spots. It’s perfect for that summer time sunshine!

6. Moon Beam by Benefit- This illuminating highlight is one of my very first purchases by Benefit. I bought this product about two and a half years ago and still have more than half a bottle left. You can apply this highlight directly on your face or for a more dewy glow, I like to mix a little with my BB cream or foundation for a full glowing face. Pictured above I spot highlighted certain areas of my face that the sun hits: cheekbones, middle of forehead, cupids bow, bridge of nose, arches of brows and chin. You will instantly look refreshed and like you got 8 hours of sleep. This highlight definitely takes the win for favorite illuminators!

7. They’re Real Mascara-Sephora gifted this magical eyelash enhancer on my birthday last year. My lashes were so long, I could flutter them and fly away! I like to wear 2 heavy coats on the top lashes and a very light coat on the bottom to prevent spider lashes (yikes)! I grabbed this fun sized mascara just to save space but this eye lash potion is definitely something I will be purchasing in the near future.

8. Tarte Lip Surgence Lip Gloss- Have you all ever heard of HauteLook by Nordstrom? They have awesome high end brands for sale including accessories, makeup, clothes, etc. I bought a three pack of these Tarte Lip Surgence Glosses-the color pay off is pretty good but I don’t think I would purchase these again. I personally believe any pinky-nude lipstick topped off with a gloss is the perfect combo for summer!

9. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge-Blush is a must! This multi-tasking cream color is absolutely fabulous. Although it’s a bit drying, all you need to do is apply a moisturizer before and pop this on the apples of your cheeks or to those plumpy lips of yours. I love that this is a dual tasking product that can be used in various ways.

And there you have it-my go to products for summertime! Let me know what beauty and skin care products you enjoy this season!

Love Always,