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My Dirty Little Secret


There are two hair care products that I undeniably cannot live without: coconut oil & dry shampoo. I use both of these products ritually and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Inexpensive, simple and effective–>exactly what we want, right?

If there’s one thing people ask me about, it’s  almost always about my hair and how I keep it super healthy. Want to know my secret? I keep it natural and dirty. I know, I know, it sounds rather repulsive but I swear my hair grows as long, thick, glossy and healthy as it does because of these two dynamic duos that I incorporate in my weekly hair care routine.

Natural oils benefit our hair by protecting the cuticle, moisturizing the scalp and helps prevent damaged, dry hair. Just like our skin needs lotion to be healthy and supple, so does our hair.  Even if you don’t put any product in your hair after washing it, your shampoo (unless organic) comprises of many chemicals that strip the hair, making it frail and weak. Because I have thick, long hair, I don’t need to wash it everyday… more like every 4-5 days. When I feel like my locks are starting to get a little greasy, I apply dry shampoo to give it a little more “oomph” and it’s back to its voluminous state again! It’s important not to wash your hair everyday so that these natural oils can do the work they’re suppose to! My two favored dry shampoo’s are Psssst and Batiste-both of which retail at the drug store and Ulta between $4-$8.

My second beloved product is coconut oil! Being Indian, I’ve always grown up with my mother giving me a scalp massage before bed and waking up the next morning to wash it out. This conditioning treatment is the reason my hair grows incredibly long in a short period of time. Massaging your scalp stimulates blood circulation, which results in hair growth. I like to use La Tourangelle 100% organic, virgin and unrefined coconut oil which you can purchase here but you can use any type of oil you prefer. Almond oil is also another staple of mine!  I like to saturate large towels with water, place them in the microwave for a couple of minutes and wrap my oiled hair until the towel cools for a deep conditioning treatment. Like warm water opens up pores on your face, the steam from the towel opens up the hair cuticle letting the oils in for a more effective result. Not to mention this weekly regimen is very relaxing and a great de-stresser!

oil pulling
Besides applying these two products in my hair to keep it healthy, I don’t put heat to my hair unless absolutely necessary. Embrace your natural tousled hair, girls! Also, if you live in a hot environment or plan on vacationing this summer, be sure to spray some hair SPF on those luscious locks to protect it from sun damage. Although not many products are out on the market for hair SPF, Sephora has a Sunscreen Care Oil by Clarins’s that I recently discovered which retails for $35.

 I hope you all enjoyed and learned something from my simple, weekly hair regimen. Thanks for reading and remember that protecting & preventing is the way to go!

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