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My Oil-Pulling Affinity


 Everyone has their personal morning and nightly routines. Recently, mine has changed for the better. Let me elaborate. I struggle with a lot of things in life, some of which include, acne, toothaches, bad sinuses, etc. So I decided to give oil pulling a try and I am OBSESSED.

Oil pulling is an old, Ayurvedic technique used to help oral and overall health in the body. Our mouth carries hundreds of thousands of bacteria, good and bad. Oil-pulling claims to clean out the bad bacteria, bad breath, bad everything, not only in our mouths but our entire bodies. Basically you swish oil in your mouth for 20 minutes long, morning and evening. Oil pulling first intrigued me due to the “detoxifying” benefits it claims to have. After learning more about the benefits, I am HOOKED.

Every morning, before brushing my teeth or even drinking any water, I grab half a tablespoon of coconut oil and stick it in my mouth. (As if my obsession with coconut oil wasn’t bad enough). I wait for the solid oil to liquify in my mouth and the swishing begins. Now, there is absolutely no need to be aggressive with the swishing. I convinced my mom to try this and after 3 minutes she was exhausted because she was so vigorous with her swishing. Yea, just don’t ask. So take your time, swish through your front teeth, sides of mouth, everywhere! During this time, I make my bed, boil some eggs, make my morning coffee and catch up on social media. Keeping yourself busy while doing this makes time go by a lot faster!

After the 20 minutes are up, I spit the the oil in a plastic bag inside a trashcan, NOT THE SINK. Coconut oil is a solid at room temperature so if you spit the oil out in your sink, you’ll probably end up with a clogged one. Make life simple and just listen to me. You’ll have some oil residue on your teeth so take a warm cup of water with very little salt, rinse your mouth and now you’re good to go with brushing your teeth. I repeat the exact same steps before bed as well.

In the past week that I have been oil pulling, the benefits were amazing. My toothache vanished, my complexion evened out AND the biggest one, my teeth were so white, they were GLOWING. I couldn’t believe that just after 3 days, my teeth were legitimately 4 shades whiter than before. I also realized that my chronic sinus’ were slowly diminishing. Coincidence? Try it out for yourself and you tell me.

Below I have listed only some of the benefits that people have claimed that oil pulling has done for them:

-Strengthens teeth, jaw and gums
-Detoxifies the body of bacteria and impurities
-Whitens teeth ( AWESOME natural teeth whitener)
-Clears out sinuses 
-Helps ease skin problems such as eczema, acne, hyper pigmentation and psoriases 
-Dental hygiene 
-Teeth sensitivity 

I want to reiterate that oil-pulling is not medically studied (yet). It’s an Ayurvedic treatment that people have been doing for many years now and swear by it. Now, I do too!

Seriously guys, if anything, stop buying those awful bleaching strips to whiten your teeth. Not only are they expensive but they make your teeth sensitive, strip your teeth of enamel and contain SO many harsh chemicals that are just awful for your teeth’s health!

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful, loving mama and happy oil-pulling!

Love Always,