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Living A Lush Life: Help Fight Against Animal Testing

Hello, there & Happy Birthday, America!

I want this post to be direct and to the point so I skipped the intro.

image.axdLet’s talk about the company first. Lush believes in making organic, vegetarian products by hand, with little or no preservatives. The company dates everything they make because anything fresh will eventually expire. Although it may seem like a downfall that you have to use your products up by a certain date, the upside is knowing you’re getting the freshest ingredients possible which is one of the many reasons I admire their products.

Lush is also recognized as a campaigning company, from animal rights to protecting the environment: they’re always protesting for a better tomorrow. About two weeks ago, they held a campaign to fight against animal testing. I will not be posting this campaign on my blog because it is gruesome. Actions speak louder than words and displaying the protest on the streets of London definitely caught peoples’ attention. I adore animals like no other and whether you do or don’t is your choice but more than anything, it’s unacceptable and UNETHICAL to test on animals.

To call me a makeup hoarder is an understatement but this weekend I’m cleaning out my stash of makeup, whether they are products I love or hate by companies who test on animals.

Photo Feb 05, 2 47 32 PMTeddy and I stand up strong to fight against animal testing and cruelty



I stopped by Lush to pick up some skincare products about a week or two ago. I’ll write post about my lush favorites in the near future because seriously guys, their products are to die for. I wanted to review the two skin care items I snagged:


I have been on the lookout for the perfect serum-something without all the icky chemicals (obviously). After doing a significant amount of research, Lush’s solid serum, Full of Grace is what I ended up buying. This serum is overflowing with hydrating butters, calming chamomile and antioxidant mushroom extract to keep your skin feeling wonderful and in great condition. Everyone needs to use a facial serum in order to maintain the elasticity in your face while bringing out the natural glow by nourishing the skin with hydration. Full of Grace is so gentle yet gets the work done at an affordable price point. The unique ingredient found in this serum is Portobello Mushrooms which is jam-packed with antioxidants—>Check out my Berry Banana Smoothie to learn more about antioxidants, the process and why they are beneficial to our bodies HERE.



You know when you have a great skin streak where your skin has a fabulous, inner glow, no imperfections whatsoever and then BAM 5 breakouts appear? Well, yeah, that happened to me this past week. Of course while I was in Lush I couldn’t just pick up one thing so I figured I would attempt to treat my breakouts while finding something to review for you all. We have all heard about Lush Fresh Face Masks but have you all tried them?! The BB Seaweed Face Mask is made for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Some of the fresh ingredients include: seaweed itself, almonds, rose, honey, olive oil and aloe vera. Did you all know that seaweed is used to treat MANY types of skin conditions and aids with health? Here are some of the benefits of ingesting and applying seaweed to the skin: acne, detoxifier, thyroid booster, scalp strengthener, and rosacea.

This mask is nice. It had a calming scent that wasn’t too strong. I love that Lush face masks are to be kept in the fridge because the cool feeling of it being applied really feels amazing on the skin-especially in these hot summer months. I will say, the face mask didn’t quite do much for me except help retain moisture in my skin. I was rather disappointed because I really thought it would help with my breakouts.


the sweet lady who helped me at Lush mentioned to me that if I use the serum before applying the face mask, it would boost the effectiveness of the products. I tested these products individually then together and surprisingly, she was right! I was skeptical at first thinking that the mask wouldn’t dry on my skin with the moisture from the serum but it actually did dry out my acne while keeping my skin hydrated.

Want something new in your skincare routine? Try out Lush products-I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Educate yourself. Buy smart. Support Lush. Help fight against animal cruelty with me.

Love Always,