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Sugar Lips

Hey everyone!

Recently, I’ve been rocking the bold red lip and a staple routine before applying matte lipstick is exfoliating them. Chapped lips are one of the most commonly complained about beauty ailments for women and men. Unfortunately, this annoying problem persists year-round, rain or shine, wind or snow. Are you determined to bring bright lipstick game this summer like me? Fret no more, this Sugar Lip Scrub will work magic on your lips!

Ditch the store bought lip exfoliator and try out my effective, natural DIY.

Let’s jump right in!

 Recipe as follows:

 2 tablespoons sugar (brown/white)


1 teaspoon honey (any kind)

honey-jar-reg-12oz2 drops of olive oil

524-114714 I like my lip scrub to be very gritty and less runny but you can tweak it according to the consistency you prefer as long as your have these ingredients!

Sugar is one of the best, natural exfoliators out there to sloth off dead skin cells. This DIY sugar exfoliator works wonders on the lippies-scrubbing off dead skin with sugar while keeping those puckers nourished! I like to take a heaping amount in my hand and messily massage it around my lips and mouth area for 1 minute. Seriously, be messy with it! Top it off with a bright summer lipstick for the day or keep those lips plump and hydrated at night ending with Vaseline, Aquaphor or Chapstick.

Quick, easy and efficient. I know you all will love this DIY as much as I do, especially for you matte lipstick lovers!

{Check out my “go-to favorite summer lippies” post here}!

I hope everyone has a lovely day and thank you for stopping by The Panwar Palace!

Love Always,



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