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How I Style My Hair

Hi everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! My family came in from Canada and India so I’ve been having great quality time with them but of course wanted to squeeze in a post for you all since I kind of slacked this past week ❤

Honestly, my long, natural locks are something I embrace. I don’t mind letting my tresses do their own thing throughout the day but when I want to feel a lil extra sassy, I try to take the maximum amount of care while enjoying my styled hair. I’m not going to lie, I recently cut 11 inches off my hair (EEEK!) but I couldn’t believe how healthy I maintained it throughout the past 10 years and wanted to share with you ladies what I do when styling it! (Pictures and posts on my new hair will be coming up soon)! Below are my staple heating tools/products that will forever be in my styled hair routine no matter what look I’m going for. These products keep my hair healthy & protected and I hope you all will give some of them a try!

BKP Shoot
I’ve tried cheap drugstore shampoos/conditioners and I’ve tried high end brands as well and I kid you not, I can’t tell the difference between them besides my credit card balance. My favorite drugstore shampoo and conditioner is the Aveeno Nourish + Moisturize set. I do have peek-a-boo highlights so I need to keep the maximum amount of moisture in my hair. This has a pleasant, light scent that cleanses my hair while maintaining the perfect amount of moisture and not making my hair feel heavy–exactly what my long locks need.

Aveeno-Nourish-+-Moisturize-shampoo-and-conditioner-with-hydrating-oat-protein-for-softer-healthier-hair-with-less-breakageI almost always let my hair air-dry to help prevent damage. If I have the time and I can avoid harm to my hair, why not, right? If you take a straighter or curler to your head constantly, try to let your hair air dry if you aren’t on a time crunch so it doesn’t become dry and brittle with endless heat. When my hair is damp, I apply a hair serum to keep my frizz under control and my cuticles protected. Make sure to concentrate the ends as opposed to the roots (applying to the roots with weigh your hair down and prevent volume when styling). At the moment, my go-to hair serum that smells wonderful and keeps my hair shiny and protected is the Organix Extra Strength Argan Oil of Morocco.

argan oilTypically, this is where I would stop adding products to my hair for an every day look. Most days, I keep it simple and natural but to see what more I do when styling, keep reading 🙂

Photo May 18, 9 27 56 AM

This is probably one the most essential steps in my entire routine. Protecting your hair from heat damage is critical. Even though using a heat protectant won’t prevent damage 100%, it WILL help a little. I’ve been through many bottles of various heat protectants and the Chi Iron Guard is by far the best- protects and smells amazing!


Ah yes, the infamous Hot Tools curling iron that everyone enthuses about. My barrel is 1 ½ inches. I take all types of sections, big and small and curl away from my face. Once the curl is heated, I release the clamp, keeping the curl in spiral tact and messily pin it up with bobby pins or clips. This step is key to keeping your curls last all day long!


I take out the pins and rub a pea sized amount of coconut oil to the palms of my hand and pull the hair through my hands. This helps moisturize each and every strand that underwent damage and gives a healthy sheen to the hair. Be sure to use VERY little otherwise you’ll look like a grease ball! Hehe

(click below to see My Dirty Little Secret post which shows how I take care & grow my hair super long with this AMAZING hair conditioner!)

oil pullingLast but not least, I take my new favorite Spray Clay by Style Sexy Hair and spray it all over as I brush out the curls for some soft waves. This texturizing “hair spray”gives an effect of a clay hold, without being greasy or stiff! I love the dimension and texturized look and feel it gives.


I hope you enjoy this post and decide to purchase some of my favorite products yourself. Many if not all of these products are below $20. A lot of girls believe spending money will magically make their hair appear healthy but in reality, it’s all about prevention and maintaining. Once your hair is burnt, it’s burnt until you cut it off, so be mindful with how much heat you put into your hair and be cautious of how many products you use.

Let me know what items you like the best and how you style you hair ❤

Love Always,


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