Scatterpin Jewelry Collaboration

Hi there my fellow Panwar Palacers and Happy Friday!

Photo Aug 13, 11 58 17 AM

My love for dainty and elegant jewelry is practically never ending and this Seductive Silver Petal  bracelet is nothing short of that. Today, I’m collaborating with Scatterpin, a jewelry company based out of Ireland. They have a plethora of statement pieces all of which range from day time wear to evening looks. Scatterpin is a family owned business that has been in the industry for over 13 years. They generously sent me this bracelet, which arrived in the most gorgeous and unique packaging I have ever seen.

Photo Aug 15, 12 00 44 AMI love the versatility of all the pieces in their collection, which can accommodate anyone’s personal style.With three main designers, you can choose many jewelry items from each according to your own personal taste. Be sure to check out their website here and use the discount code PANWAR0010 on your next purchase for 10% off!

Love Always,<3 Megan


3 thoughts on “Scatterpin Jewelry Collaboration

    1. Thank you for commenting and subscribing 🙂 I’m glad you like their Seductive Silver Petal Bracelet! They have so many other types of designs on their website-check them out if interested in buying!

      Thanks again for stopping by


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