Glow Getters-Glowing from Within

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Summer may be coming to an end but it’s not quite over just yet. Fall makeup and fashion are my all time favorite but I will always enjoy wearing light foundation, coral lips and having sun-kissed skin. Adding a subtle glow to your foundation or certain areas of your face gives you a healthy radiance and brings out certain features that are less prominent no matter what season is in session. You obviously see below highlighters and illuminators were my bests this summer. This post is for all my glow-getters!

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Benefit Watts Up! HighlighterThis perfect little travel highlighter comes in a twist up tube that makes application easy as can be. It also comes with a blending applicator that practically serves no purpose, at least for me it doesn’t. Instead, I like warming up the product with my fingers which makes blending a breeze. This highlighter is more on the metallic side, which is quite intense so I only highlight my cupids bow, brow bone and as always-the bridge of my nose with this product.

Laura Mercier Radiance Foundation PrimerMy mom actually picked this gem up for me from Sephora a while ago and I absolutely love the healthy glow it gives my skin. I take smaller than a pea size amount and mix it with my foundation to give a luminous yet natural glow to the skin. The consistency is very runny but blends into the skin in no time. If you have nice skin, you can even wear this primer itself for a dewy look!

L’Oreal Magic Lumi Light Infusing PrimerFirst off, props to Loreal for the sleek packaging on this drugstore product! I am most definitely a sucker for cute makeup packaging, which is how I happened to stumble upon this product. This is great for daytime use and a little definitely goes a long way. I use this product the same way I use my Laura Mercier Primer or I like to use this as a primer, before applying my foundation. It is on the opaque side for a primer (if that even makes sense) so if you use a light foundation on top, a gorgeous glow will show through your skin. Wonderful product for a great price point.

Lush Feeling Younger Skin TintWe all know how much I adore Lush; their ethics and their amazing products are fabulous. A lot of people aren’t aware that Lush carries their own cruelty free/ ethical makeup line as well…Go check it out! I picked up this skin tint that acts like a highlighter. OH MY GOSH. This stuff is intense. You only need very little of this product for an all around dewy finish. If your skin is making you feel “blah” mix a tiny bit with your moisturizer for an instant “wake me up”. Vegan, no mineral oil and nourishing for the skin. You can never go wrong with Lush products.

Benefit High Beam– High Beam is gorgeous for all skin types. This comes in a nail polish like bottle that holds a lot of product so be careful when applying it. This highlight is perfect for the cheekbones, inner tear duct, chin and inner corners of the eye. I’ve had mine for over 2 years and still have more than half bottle left. You get a lot of product so the price is most definitely worth it!

What are some of your summer highlighters and illuminators? Do the bright thing and purchase some of these, I promise it’ll be worth it!

Love Always,

<3 Megan


4 thoughts on “Glow Getters-Glowing from Within

    1. Monica, the top left is Loreal, top right is Laura Mercier Primer, bottom left is Benefit Cosmetics Watts Up! Highlighter on my nose & brow bone while I applied High Beam to my cheekbones and lastly, the bottom right is the Lush highlight 🙂

      Let me know which one you choose to buy!


  1. Megan you need to try Becca’s highlighter! I got mine in Moonstone because Ulta was out of Opal, but love it! I like an intense highlight and it definitely delivers.

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