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Marine Layer Collaboration

Hi everyone!

As you all probably know, my all time favorite season is fall. I adore everything from large sweaters paired with leggings, boots and leg warmers, cinnamon apple candles, dark lips and nails to vampy fall fashion. Oh and did I mention fall treats? My gosh, writing about everything makes me so excited! Even though we still have some time here in Kentucky until it cools down, nothing is stopping me from jumping the gun and sporting my dark lips and nails. I decided to treat myself and get a manicure at Nails En Vogue for all you Lexington ladies who are interested. Of course, I decided to get matte black which I LOVE. Sadly, the matte topcoat is already chipping off which is a huge bummer but due to these unfortunate circumstances, I plan on purchasing my own matte coat and fixing my nails myself. If you girls have any polish recommendations for the fall, please share! I am always on the lookout for nail polishes that I don’t need.

Photo Sep 11, 4 38 53 PM

Excuse the tiny little white specks, I honestly have no clue what those are but wouldn’t black matte claws be perfect closer to Halloween?

Photo Sep 10, 1 45 49 PM

Another favorite fall fashion trend of mine are scarves! Scarves are the ultimate accessory that can practically dress up any outfit. Marine Layer, a clothing company in San Francisco sent me the most amazing scarf- they have their own custom fabric recipe, which explains the absurdly soft material that my neck loves being enveloped in. I know that sounds rather odd but the material feels like clouds resting on my shoulders. Not to mention, the print is beautiful, colorful and versatile. This Geometric Straight Scarf is long too- it may be the desi girl in me but I like my scarves (like dupattas) to be long so I can wrap it around my neck multiple times. If I’m going to be fashionable, I might as well stay warm too, right?

Photo Sep 11, 4 20 09 PMPhoto Sep 11, 4 31 01 PM Photo Sep 11, 4 29 36 PM Photo Sep 11, 4 27 56 PM Photo Sep 11, 4 26 26 PM

Check out Marine Layer’s website for many different clothing items for men and women. They are a bit pricey but in my opinion, the quality is top notch along with fabulous customer service!

Love Always,

<3 Megan


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