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Mai Couture Review: Redefining Beauty One Sheet at a Time

About a week ago, I Instagrammed a picture of a new, innovative makeup brand, Mai Couture. I decided to purchase this little bundle to see what these pretty makeup sheets were all about. Let’s get into the review shall we?

Photo Oct 03, 12 53 47 PM
The original gold packaging is very sleek and luxurious. Gold is such a classy color and you can never go wrong with it. The sample package I received contained 5 makeup packets that contained two “papiers” (adorable, right?) which consisted of foundation powder, bronzer, two blushes and a highlight.

“Desperately seeking a dose of healthy color? One sheet of Mai Couture Blush Papier will instantly boost the complexion without the need for messy, unhygienic brushes. ith seven different colors to choose from, each sheet is lightly powdered with paraben-free and talc-free pigment to give the complexion a natural-looking hint of shimmering hue. Radiant and fabulous? That’s you.” –Mai Couture

Photo Oct 03, 11 10 48 AM

Photo Oct 03, 11 10 36 AM

Foundation Powder Papier in Nude Glow (top left)

You can most probably notice the foundation was too light for my skin color. Regardless,I never use a powder so this wasn’t very ideal for me to be honest. To my surprise, the color payoff was spot on and very pigmented with only one swatch. I decided that I’m going to save these foundation papiers to highlight my brow bone since I tend to lean towards a matte highlight. (As stated on the pamphlet, these papiers are made to boost the complexion, you will not get full coverage anything with these makeup sheets).

2 in 1 Blotting & Bronzer Papier in Sin City (bottom middle)

This bronzer is SO gorgeous! I swatched it on my arm and it gave the most beautiful, subtle glow. I thought it may be a little too harsh on my skin but a slight whisk will do just the trick. You can’t tell from my pictures but this bronzer has tiny gold iridescent shimmer which is perfect for a bronzer/highlight duo. An added bonus with this particular papier– it’s a blotting sheet inside too! It takes off oil while putting on makeup–perfect for the summertime sunshine!

Blush Papier in Prettyful (bottom left)

Two blushes came in this bundle. This one is Prettyful and just like the name, it really is prettyful! Unfortunately, the color payoff for this blush wasn’t as great as the foundation. It took me a while to get the pigment to show up on my skin and by the time it did, it looked powdery,  too pink and unnatural. My mom is a lot lighter than me and when she swatched it on her cheeks once, it gave her a healthy, subtle flush. This particular color just wasn’t for me.

Blush Papier in Montecito (bottom right)

Between the two blushes, Montecito was my favorite. It suited my skin tone and a little went a long way. This blush had a slight shimmer, which I don’t usually do in blushes but it was finely milled into the product, giving off a beautiful sheen.  I found that applying this directly on the face, (like your suppose to) was more effective than using a brush.

Highlighter Papier in Crystal Love (top left)

Of course I saved the best for last! This highlighter is probably the prettiest powder highlight I’ve seen yet! The reflective shimmer is so tiny making the highlight easy to rest on the skin. I loved this highlight on my cupids bow and on the bridge of my nose, it was perfect. I looked like I had a healthy inner glow which is exactly what a highlight should do.

Overall, I enjoyed the concept of these luxurious makeup papiers. I really do believe these sheets would come in handy especially when traveling on a summer vacation solely because they are not full coverage. Each one giving off a a glow or tint reminds me of my minimal makeup face routine during the summer time. For someone who is dry, I do not recommend these products unless applied on top of liquid foundation. Although I liked certain aspects of this innovative makeup application, I personally, don’t think I would repurchase these again except for the highlight. I like having medium to full coverage when I do wear makeup and these don’t deliver in that manner.

You can pick up these papiers up at Nordstrom or online at Mai Couture.

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Love Always,

<3 Megan


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