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Luxury For Princess Hair Extensions Review

Photo Dec 19, 1 17 35 PM

Hi ladies! A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a hair extension company, Luxury for Princess which is located in the Netherlands. I will admit, I was guilty of being a non-believer in fake hair but only because I was blessed with very thick, long locks. I simply didn’t need the extra volume or thickness in my hair. Because I had cut over 11 inches off during the summer AND my hair was thinning out dramatically due to Accutane, I thought this was the best time to try out hair extensions just for fun. You guys…. I am in love!

 First of all, I want to talk about the impeccable customer service at Luxury for Princess Hair. I have been blogging for almost a year now and I have never been partnered with a company that is so professional and kind to their customers and affiliates. Regardless of them being in the Netherlands, anytime I had a question about Luxury for Princess Hair Extensions, they would get back to me in less than 12 hours. To me, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to get in touch with a company who doesn’t respond promptly. Everyone behind the company is so kind hearted and genuinely wanted to help with any issue or question I had. I’ve honestly never been treated with so much respect and I will continue to promote them not only because the quality of hair but because their deliverance of customer service is one of a kind.

Since I’ve never owned a pair of hair extensions before, this experience was so exciting for me! Luxury for Princess looked over some of my social media pictures and then sent me 2 pictures of the colors they thought would match my hair well. They sent me one in natural light and one in the sunlight. I decided to go with the color, Dark Brown. As soon as I received these extensions, I literally ripped them open because I was so excited. It came in a packet with one, two clip extensions that was a “tester”. From what I know about hair extension companies, you CANNOT return extensions if you open up the side with all the hair. I clipped in the tester in my natural hair and it was a perfect match, especially with my highlighted hair!  The packet also included two extra metal clips in case yours get damaged or lost. Luxury for Princess hair is Remy Human Hair. Remy Human Hair is the highest grade of real human hair used for hair extensions. The cuticles of Remy Hair are kept intact and not stripped. This ensures that the hair remains super soft and tangled free. With Human hair, you can cut, apply hair products, wash them, curl, straighten and dye them unlike synthetic hair.

2014-10-20 16.15.122014-10-20 16.12.12 (Megan’s MacBook Air's conflicted copy 2014-10-22)2014-10-20 16.12.03 (Megan’s MacBook Air's conflicted copy 2014-10-22)

 The Princess Glamorous set in 260 grams and 22 inches is what was sent to me. My hair is on the shorter side, so besides the fact that I had absolutely no idea how to clip in them in, they weren’t blending in with my hair all that well. Since I only trust my sweet friend and fabulous hair stylist, Kerri, with my hair, I had to wait till I went home to West Virginia to get them trimmed. I ended up cutting them too short (oops)! Regardless, the extensions are longer than my real hair so it definitely gives some length and oh my goodness, so much VOLUME! My normal hair is quite thick so when it lies on my head, it’s heavy and basically flat. Kerri taught me to tease my hair at the root before clipping the extensions in, not only will the clips have something to adhere to but it will blend in easily AND give that extra volume. After one try, I learned how to clip the extensions in, they are super easy to work with.

The quality of the extensions are absolutely wonderful. Like I said before, I am new to extensions so at first, I didn’t know much about them and what standards they compare to but right before receiving them, I did my research on this product. They are comparable to Bellami hair extensions, which are very popular on social media right now because Lilly Ghalichi has been endorsing them for some time. I’ve looked up many testimonials and reviews on both companies: everyone who has tried both Bellami and Luxury for Princess claim that they are practically the same quality but Luxury for Princess ends up being more affordable. The extensions come with metal clips already sewed in which is nice. You can feel the security in the clips when you clip them into your hair, which is reassuring that your hair won’t slip out when out and about!

I’ve been playing around with my luxuries for almost a week now and love the look it gives. Even when my hair grows back out, I will most definitely still wear extensions from time to time for that extra volume. I’m thinking about starting videos soon and wanted to show you all how I clip and style my extensions, what do guys think? Check out some of the pictures I took with my luxuries in! Keep in mind I trimmed mine quite a bit to blend in with my short hair. When I get another set, I’ll be sure to not trim them as short so you can see how I style them and the true length of 22 inches! When purchasing your luxuries make sure to go on the top right corner and hit “US DOLLARS” if you are in the U.S. Be sure to use the discount code “ThePanwarPalace” at checkout to save some extra money as well!

New set received in the picture below! This is my most recent picture of the full 22 inches, 260 grams!

Photo Nov 19, 10 15 04 PM

Photo Nov 02, 12 25 48 AM

Photo Nov 19, 2 57 02 PM

Disclaimer: I do not post anything that doesn’t reflect my own personal style. I also don’t put anything on my blog that I wouldn’t purchase and wear for myself. This product was sent to me with no compensation included. I am NOT being paid to write this post or say anything positive about this company. Everything stated above is my own personal opinion and thoughts. Thank you all for the ongoing support you have shown ThePanwarPalace, it means more to me than you all will ever know.

Love Always,

<3 Megan


5 thoughts on “Luxury For Princess Hair Extensions Review

    1. You are so sweet, Ana! Thank you so much! 🙂 If you get extensions, I highly recommend Luxury for Princess, they are amazing! Don’t forget to use the discount code to save some money!


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