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New8Beauty Brush Review

I cannot believe that it’s already Thanksgiving week! It’s one of my favorite holidays but only because my mom slaves away in the kitchen cooking the best feast ever. What’s better than being with family and friends and indulging on delicious food only to go Black Friday shopping the next day?! In my opinion, nothing.

Of course I am thankful for spending time with family and friends this week but another thing I’m thankful for is the marketing and PR team behind New8Beauty. New8beauty so kindly sent me a HUGE bundle of so many goodies a couple of weeks ago. The bundle consisted of 5 synthetic kabuki brushes, 5 mini kabuki makeup precision brushes (which is PERFECT for my Kevyn Aucoin concealer), a packet of silicone disposal mascara wands, a packet of spoolies, and 2 makeup pouches to store all my items.

I’ll be honest, I have never tried or heard of New8Beauty products but I’m thrilled they sent me these brushes because I absolutely LOVE them. The brushes themselves are very high quality and have synthetic bristles. The best part is that they are very, very affordable! I switch back and forth between brushes and my beauty blender from time to time but ever since I received these brushes, I can’t stop using them to apply my makeup, whether it’s a cream, liquid or powder. I had mentioned in my previous Instagram post that I never invested in high end makeup brushes solely because of how pricey they are–I probably never will because these brushes are just that amazing. Another upside is that these are hypoallergenic, cruelty free (YES!) and vegan friendly.

The big kabuki set consists of:

  • Foundation (Flat Top)
  • Concealer Stippling (Tapered)
  • Cheek Blush (Angled Round)
  • Minerals & Powder (Round)
  • Precision Contouring Bronzer (Angled Flat)

 The mini kabuki is probably one of my favorite sets but only because I like to work in small sections a little at a time. I recently purchased the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer which is a very thick consistency, nothing works better than blending it with these mini brushes. This set includes:

  • Mini Foundation (Flat Top)
  • Mini Concealer Stippling (Tapered)
  • Mini Cheek Blush (Angled Round)
  • Mini Minerals & Powder (Round)
  • Mini Precision Contouring Bronzer (Angled Flat)

I’m so sorry I didn’t clean my brushes before photographing, I was being kind of lazy.

Photo Nov 21, 11 28 52 AM Photo Nov 21, 11 16 13 AM Photo Nov 21, 11 15 33 AM Photo Nov 21, 11 13 35 AM Photo Nov 21, 11 09 10 AM Photo Nov 21, 11 09 17 AM

Right now, these brushes are on sale! The big kabuki is retailing at $39.99 and the mini set is only $19.99! Grab them while they last, y’all! I’m actually thinking of purchasing these brush sets for some friends (maybe family, wink wink) for Christmas! I know they will make the perfect gift for any girl who loves makeup! Be sure to check out their website!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week, friends!

<3 Megan

Disclaimer: I do not post anything that doesn’t reflect my own personal style. I also don’t put anything on my blog that I wouldn’t purchase and wear for myself. This product was sent to me with no compensation included. I am NOT being paid to write this post or say anything positive about this company. Everything stated above is my own personal opinion and thoughts. Thank you all for the ongoing support you have shown ThePanwarPalace, it means more to me than you all will ever know.

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