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Lilly Lashes and Huda Beauty Lashes

Hi ladies!

You all may have noticed that I have been on an Instagram rampage posting various makeup looks lately. Being stuck at home with this awful weather has led me to play around with my makeup stash and of course my new camera!

 I came up with some different looks using some of my favorite lashes. Lashes can be intimidating at first, I never used fake lashes until a couple of years ago because I simply didn’t know how to apply them correctly but practice makes perfect, right? Below are some pictures of recent Instagram posts using Lilly Lashes by Lilly Ghalichi and Huda Beauty Lashes by Huda Khattan. I love both of these beauty queens and their lashes are nothing short of amazing.

Photo Mar 07, 12 23 50 PM Photo Mar 10, 1 56 45 AM Photo Mar 06, 9 41 32 PM

You can never go wrong with a classic red lip…ever. I typically like to balance my makeup out, go bold either with the eyes or lips, never both  at the same time. I wanted most of the focus to be on my lips so I kept my skin clean, highlighted and soft. I kept my eyes pretty simple too, a little liner topped off with Lilly Lashes in the style “Tehran”. Tehran is a soft lash style that’s subtle and flirty at the same time. They aren’t over the top nor do they look “too much” when wearing the most minimal amount of makeup.

Photo Mar 08, 7 23 43 PM Photo Mar 08, 1 43 18 PMPhoto Mar 08, 11 33 49 AM

“Milan” by Lilly Ghalichi is what I am wearing in the pictures above. Just like with my classic red lip look, I wanted to keep the eyes simple. This lip color is actually a lipliner in the shade “Orange Mimosa” by Cailyn Cosmetics and it’s giving me LIFE. I absolutely love the pigmentation and consistency of their products. I want to send out a huge thank you to Liru for sending me gorgeous lip products from Cailyn Cosmetics! “Milan” has the perfect flare for any eye shape.They are simple yet noticeable, exactly what I was going for.If you are going for the “no liner” look, these lashes are amazing because they have an invisible band. Every time I wear makeup, I always wear liner so I concealed the band, (although not necessary) with black gel liner.

Photo Mar 09, 1 50 05 PMPhoto Mar 08, 6 50 08 PM Photo Mar 10, 1 47 35 PM Photo Mar 08, 6 52 34 PM Photo Mar 08, 6 54 19 PM Photo Mar 10, 11 53 31 AM

Aaaand for the grand finale! I was playing around with darker shades and decided to try out a dramatic smokey eye. I’ve never gone this bold with a smokey eye and I’m so in love. I kept my entire face simple and wanted all the drama to be geared towards my eyes, so, of course I stacked every single Huda Beauty Eyelash I owned on top of one another to create this intense black smokey eye. The lashes I stacked are “Candy”, “Coco Jo” and “Samantha”. In my opinion, NO smokey eye is complete until dramatic lashes are put on. These lashes were the icing on the cake and pulled the entire look together and I can’t get enough of it, hence the outpour of social media pictures! Just like the Lilly Lashes, these Huda Beauty lashes are simply amazing and equally gorgeous.

Hope you all have been enjoying my posts on social media and please let me know if you want me to see anything in particular. If you don’t follow me on social media already, below are my handles.

Instagram: @Megan_Panwar//Facebook: @ThePanwarPalace//Twitter:@ThePanwarPalace

Love Always,



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