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Rose Gold Lids and Cranberry Lips

Yesterday I decided to not be a lazy bum and do a look for you guys. I thought long and hard about doing a video but the thought of editing the footage then uploading mentally exhausted me. I want to be better about posting in the blog so I decided to get some practice with shooting myself, especially since I bought some new makeup products from the drugstore recently. I honestly had no idea what look I was going for, I sat in front of my mirror, turned on Netflix and just created this cranberry rose gold look. I ended up loving how it turned out and wanted to share!

Photo May 14, 4 33 56 PM Photo May 15, 11 22 49 AM Photo May 15, 11 21 43 AM Photo May 15, 11 19 40 AM Photo May 15, 11 29 42 AM

For the eyes:

I primed my eyes with Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer. I never used to prime my eyes before but I realized how vibrant and crease-free my shadows appear ever since using this particular one. Not to mention, it lasts all day!

The star of the show was the Milani Eye Quad in Florence. I picked this up not long ago and opened it for the first time yesterday. It looks like it would be a high-pigmented powder but when I stuck my finger in the shadow, it had a jelly-like consistency. The color payoff and finish is absolutely beautiful. I initially used a synthetic brush but that got messy and the glitter went everywhere. I then used my finger, which worked a little bit better. I noticed it came with a “brush” applicator (like all shadow quads, which I normally ignore), but this one was a bendable, silicone finish applicator. It surprisingly worked the best to pack the shadow onto the lids without being messy. I used the rose gold on the entire lid. I then went in with “Truffled” from the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette by Too Faced and worked that into my crease. I felt like this was a bit much so I dabbed my brush in my matte bronzer to help blend the crease better. For eyeliner, I used NYC Liquid Liner in “Black”. I’ve heard bloggers RAVE about this product, it definitely is amazing but I still have to get used to the brush since it’s a little more flimsy with the fluid. I popped on some Lilly Lashes in “Napoli” and “London” but this is most definitely optional.

My lips were a combo of Wet N Wild lipstick in Cherry Bomb and dabs of American Doll Liquid Lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills in the center of my lips. I don’t recommend the Wet n Wild Lipstick at all. It completely feathered on me and looked awful after some time (even with a liner). Whenever I do a bold lip, I love for it to be clean, cut and crisp.

This look was very simple and pretty easy to create! I will gladly do a tutorial if you all would like, let me know!

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Love Always and thanks for reading!

Photo May 15, 11 30 56 AM



6 thoughts on “Rose Gold Lids and Cranberry Lips

  1. Hey! I saw your pic on insta with q girl in a light pink sari, could you tell me where that sari is from? Thank you & I love your blog!!!

    1. You’re so sweet, thanks for stopping and for the kind comment! My friend actually got it custom made from Pakistan! She made a copy cat of a designer sari and that was the outcome, beautiful, right?

      Take care,


  2. The eye makeup!!! Make videos on how to use shadows! I love what you did here and also how to do smokey eye!! LOVE YOU ❤

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