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Purple Smokey Eye & Nude Lips

I’m going to do my very best to keep up with these constant looks on the blog. Between filming, blogging for work AND for my personal blog, it’s been quite the challenge but I’ve had fun playing around with colors these past couple of days. I wanted to attempt a purple smokey eye with absolutely no blacks and that’s exactly what I did. To my own surprise, this look wasn’t difficult at all. I always get nervous when playing around with color because it’s not an everyday type of look for a neutral gal like myself. Regardless, I know some of you all enjoy the pop of color and I wanted to step out of my comfort zone to show you all how easy it this makeup look really is.

Photo May 16, 4 30 55 PM

-The Look-

Eyes: I first went in with the purple from the Lorac Summer Glo Palette (it’s on SALE for $18!) and packed this all over the entire lid. Initially, I wanted to make this the cut crease color but the color wasn’t as pigmented as I thought it would be. I then took “Best Friend” from the Tartelette Palette by Tarte with a tiny dome shaped brush and added this deep mauve- purple to my outer and inner crease. This helped give my eyes more dimension and made the transition from the previous purple seamless. Be sure to blend well and don’t be afraid to get messy. I wanted this to be a full-blown purple smokey eye so the messier, the better. I then did a big wing with the NYC Liquid Liner. Of course, after applying falsies and mascara I decided I needed more drama so I went in with “Truffled” from the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette and deepened up my outer crease for more smokiness. I must apologize for using so many palettes. I bought ALL of these palettes in the last month or so, it’s sickening but being a beauty blogger, I had to…right?

Photo May 16, 5 05 20 PM Photo May 16, 5 15 20 PM Photo May 16, 5 38 25 PM Photo May 16, 5 40 42 PM Photo May 16, 5 44 56 PM Photo May 16, 5 49 00 PM Photo May 16, 5 50 43 PM

I want to say, you don’t need ANY of these palettes to create this look. Honestly, I would say two purple shadows– one light purple and one dark purple. For added smokiness, a dark brown of your liking would work and that’s it! It’s simple as that. I added a purple liner to my water line along with black. I also “attempted” outline my black liner on my lids with the purple liner but it was a visible fail.

On my lips I’m wearing Gerard Cosmetics Nude Lipgloss which has been a holy grail lately.

Hope you all enjoyed and leave comments on what look you all would like to see next. Don’t forget to keep up with me on social media!

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Love you all!



4 thoughts on “Purple Smokey Eye & Nude Lips

  1. Megan! I love this! Can you please make a video! I wanna see the types of brushes you use to do under eye! Love it!

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