Vortex Synthetic Professional Brush Set by Sedona Lace Review + Coupon Code

I hate that it’s taken me this long to post a review on these Sedona Lace Brushes with me moving and everything else going on in my life but I keep telling myself that a good product review takes time, right?

A while back, I was so kindly sent these AMAZING Sedona Lace Brushes, which have been my go-to brushes the past couple of months. I’ve been carrying this set with me wherever I go between West Virginia, Kentucky and Tampa and they most definitely have not disappointed. Not to mention how adorable the pink and black signature colors of Sedona Lace look together?!

Photo Aug 07, 2 38 45 PM

The Vortex Synthetic Professional Makeup Brush Set comes with 13 brushes that can be used for multiple purposes. I can pretty much apply all my makeup with these 13 brushes including lipstick, liner and brows! I also like to use some of the brushes for applying facemasks, especially the tiny ones for spot treatments overnight. All the brushes are durable and extremely soft for the perfect makeup application. I’m obsessed with all the brushes but my go-to favorite is the fan brush, it’s perfected for highlighting not only my cheekbones but for all parts of the body which essential in the summer for a healthy glow.

Photo May 16, 4 30 55 PM

Check out Sedona Lace and their amazing brushes, don’t forget to use the discount code “ThePanwarPalace” for some money off your next purchase!

Thanks for stopping by for a read, I promise I’m officially back to blogging now despite all the chaos of moving! Take care and lots of love to you all who still read the blog!

Love Always,



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