Leather + Army Green

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Hi guys!

I’ve officially moved to Tampa and let me tell you about this heat–I wasn’t expecting it to reach mid 90’s in November! It’s definitely an adjustment but hopefully I’ll get used to it soon enough. Things have been pretty hectic on my end with moving and getting settled in but it’s a working progress. Two days ago the internet and cable guy came in and we started talking about how hot Tampa has been which led me to ask him if leather was an appropriate choice of clothing in November/December. Turns out, I’ll probably NEVER wear leather in Tampa which is the biggest disappoint since fall attire is my all time favorite.

Anyways, I posted a picture of myself in this leather sleeved, army green jacket I purchased from H&M before I got crazy busy. If you can’t already tell, I obsess over leather and love army anything so this jacket was the perfect combo for me (not to mention the affordable price point)! I bought a small and it fit like a glove, especially when paired with jogger pants, which is what I did here. These pants are so comfortable and you would think they would dress the outfit down but I feel like it made it dressier. I have no clue where these pants are from, my mom purchased them for me over a year ago and I never wore them until now (thanks, mom)! Jogger pants are a hot commodity so I feel like you all would be able to snag them anywhere.

I won’t be updating my social media much but I’ve been trying to keep in touch with you all through SnapChat, follow me at: MP09! Videos WILL be up soon as well, I need to unpack all of my camera equipment and I’ll be on it ASAP, promise.

P.S. If any of you all are from the Tampa area, let me know of places for anything you love: hair salons, manicures, restaurants, etc. Once I get settled in, I need to explore. Also, completely off topic but if you all know of any photographers here in Tampa, message me on Snapchat or any of my social media platforms and PLEASE let me know!

Until next time!


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