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Holidays with the Polaroid Z2300

Photo Dec 16, 3 08 36 AMPhoto Dec 25, 1 40 44 AMPhoto Dec 25, 1 37 36 AMPhoto Dec 16, 2 59 26 AM

Today, I’m partnering up with Polaroid to share one of my most favorite products of the year, the Polaroid Z2300!

The Polaroid Z2300 prints out instant pictures on the spot all while having the ability to crop, add borders and apply filters to pictures. It’s so neat and might I add, perfect for the holidays!

The cost of the camera is 179.99 on Amazon. The film that is compatible with the Z2300 is 2×3 inch Premium ZINK Photo Paper for 24.99 on Amazon as well.

I’ve snapped a couple of photos here and there throughout the holidays (which you’ve probably seen on my SnapChat: MP09) and have shared them with all my friends and family to take home with them. It’s the perfect memory trinket to add to goody bags!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas with family and friends!

Love you all!


A big thank you to Stephanie from Polaroid for allowing me to collaborate and sending me this camera!


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