Derby Fashion Tips


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Rise and shine it’s Derby time! Grab your best hat and Mint Julep because we are headed to the races! Being from Kentucky, The Kentucky Derby, Oaks and Keeneland are tradition and one of the most anticipated times of the year. I’m sad I’ll be missing out this year but here are five tips I have for you when choosing your Derby attire.

1.Don’t be afraid to go bold

Previous years, I went for bright colors and big, extravagant hats. Mind you, I’m a neutral type of gal. Once you get to the derby, you’ll fit right in with everyone!

2. Choose a centerpiece

In my opinion, I like to focus on one centerpiece-hat or dress. If I’m going extra with the hat, I like to keep a sophisticated dress and vice versa but by no means is there such a thing as “over the top” at the Derby.

3. Pack extra shoes

-If you’re anything like me, one Mint Julep down and that cobblestone flooring at Churchill Downs seems nearly impossible with heels. Word of advice, wear the heels but pack some flats and thank me later.

4. Don’t go without a hat

Whether you’re in the outfield or Millionaire’s Row, going to the Kentucky Derby without a hat is like wearing sweatpants to a cocktail party—don’t be that person.

5. No need to break the bank

Last but definitely not least, spending so much on an outfit is completely unnecessary. Find a simple dress from anywhere in your budget and buy any sunhat. Make a trip to Michael’s or even Walmart to dress it up with flowers and ribbons and you’ll look amazing!

So sorry this post was up late but keep these tips in mind for next year! Hope you all have a fun day at the races and get lucky in Kentucky!



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