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New York City Travels

photo-jan-23-3-23-45-pmI wanted a bit of an escape and it had been years since I had visited New York City. With a little time off and a kick start to the New Year, I thought, “why not feed into my thirsty soul of traveling while I can” and that my friends is exactly what I plan to do these next couple of months so be sure to stay posted to the blog and ALL my social media platforms.

Ah, New York City… What can I say? It was everything I expected it to be and more. I went for a total of four nights and we most definitely didn’t leave any time to spare. From early mornings to late nights my schedule was full of touristy yet local festivities.  We did so much but I wanted to share some fun things and places to definitely check out if you’re visiting the city!

One World Observatory

Seeing the freedom tower was amazing. Located at the 100th, 101st  and 102nd floor of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, you could imagine the 360-degree view of the city being nothing short of breathtaking. From the elevator ride to the See Forever Theatre (where you get the first glimpse of the sky line) was simply incredible. At the very top, they have the restaurant, One Dine, where you can enjoy breath taking views of the skyline while sipping on wine and indulging on dessert. If you’re looking for the perfect date spot, I highly recommend going at night for dinner!


The Book of Mormon on Broadway

I can officially say I’ve seen a show on Broadway (checkmark bucket list)! I honestly had no idea what the Book of Mormon was about until I actually saw the play which was undoubtedly EPIC and my most favorite part of the trip. We ended up splurging on really good, close up seats for the play which I absolutely loved but turns out, if you search for tickets the day before the show, they are significantly cheaper. Take my word for it.

Babuji NYC


PC: @BabujiNYC

Typically, Indian cuisine isn’t what I go for when choosing a place to eat but Babuji was most definitely an exception. Tucked away between Avenue B and East 11th Street, we made reservations for the Tasting Menu where we had a chance to explore a 7 course meal. This little, eclectic nook was so trendy yet maintained its Indian roots. So yummy, so Instagram worthy. Check them out HERE.

Knicks vs. Wizards NBA Game

Okay, you all know I’m not a crazy sports fanatic but when you mix drinks and 1st row seats to see the Knick’s and Wizards at Madison Square Garden, it’s bound to be a good time. Side note—I knew John Wall because well…. C-A-T-S!


We met up with friends at Tao for more food and yes, more drinks. Oh man, the ambiance of Tao is everything. I imagine everything on the menu to be melt-in-your-mouth-good but definitely try the Lobster Wontons with Shiitake Ginger Broth if you get the chance, so much yum. They also have a club in the restaurant which I heard was really nice, unfortunately, we went on a random weekday so we didn’t get to experience it but next time, it’s on the list.

China Town/Little Italy

On our last day, we wanted to take it easy, especially with our outings late at night. We decided to walk around Little Italy which eventually led us to China Town. The weather was cold and rainy so we slipped into a random restaurant called Forlini’s–an authentic Italian restaurant located on Baxter. Portions are quite big and just enough to split between two people. I had cappuccino to warm up while we shared fried calamari and a giant bowl of minestrone soup with bread. China town was definitely fun for me, especially with Asian beauty shops!!  Asian skincare is at the top of the top right now, so I stocked up on many products including moisturizers, serums, face masks and cleansers. We also ended up getting a full body massage for $30…everything there was insanely affordable and so cute.

Conrad Hotel

We spent the last part of our trip at the luxurious Conrad Hotel in Battery Park City. The deluxe suite was massive with the most beautiful architecture. Ladies, the bathroom mirrors have a ring light around the perimeter so your makeup can slay all day long. The showers are separate from the bathroom enclosed in a spa like room with a rainfall shower. Each and every corner of the Conrad had up to date, contemporary, one touch lighting and climate controlled rooms. Spending our last part of the trip at the Conrad was definitely the capper that we needed to relax as we approached the end of our vacation.


PC: Conrad Hotel

I did so many other things during our trip in NYC but these are just some that made my trip one of the best ones yet. I mentioned before on my Snapchat, I decided to blog about NYC and my travels only after my little getaway which is why the majority of the pictures aren’t my own. I hope you all enjoyed and definitely follow me on social media where I will be sharing my travels for NEXT WEEK!

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